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Hello, friend.

My name is Amy Crandall. I am a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Channel, and Shamanic Practitioner, and Spiritual Teacher.  

I help people on a soul level by connecting them to the truth of who they are, and teach them how to work in the world of spirit completely unafraid. My passion is helping others find joy, clarity and healing through the guidance of spirit.

I have been using my spiritual abilities to help others live a more spiritually guided life since 2016. I am passionate about what I do because I have been witness to the profound impact connecting people to the world of spirit has on their lives.

No matter if we work together or you’re just passing through, I’m happy you’re here. I love you and I’m thankful our paths have crossed.

~ Amy

Recent Blog Posts

The Becoming Is In The Doing

I was guided to share a meditation I had. This feels very vulnerable as I am uncomfortable sharing in this manner. However, when spirit speaks it’s important to listen. The guidance that came through for me was profound and helped shift my perspective. Maybe, it will help you too. Meditation

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Ancestral Healing

Did you know that your ancestor’s belief systems, traumas, traits, are still carried within you? Ever have a belief or characteristic that’s passed down through your family? Do you notice themes and patterns that are passed down from one generation to the next? These could be centered around struggles with

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Free To Be Me

What spiritual abilities, what talents, what part of your story are you keeping hidden? That part of you that you keep tucked away may be the answer that someone else is praying for.

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