Why A Spiritually Guided Life?

As I look back on my life to see where my spiritual journey began, I can see glimpses of Spirit as far back as I can remember. 

All my life I have been fascinated an drawn to the world of spirit. I would watch every show with a medium, or about ghost hunting. I’ve always had experiences with dreams. I could feel spirit and the energy of spaces. However, I was afraid of the unknown and never explored these gifts. When my father passed at the end of 2015, I longed for that connection with him. I asked for signs, or visitations in my dreams. For the first time I was completely open to the other side. I began to have visitation dreams. Suddenly I could see and hear messages from Spirit. I had, what some would call, a spiritual awakening.

Trying to understand what was happening to me, I began scouring the internet, reading every blog, and watching every YouTube channel I could find. I was having all of these spiritual experiences, but at the time I was unsure of what I was supposed to do with them. About a year after my dad passed the name, “A Spiritually Guided Life,” was given to me. I didn’t know what to do with it at the time, so I just kept it tucked away.

Since the fall of 2018, I have been involved in different development circles, intuitive courses, and programs focused on the development of spiritual abilities. As I have grown to understand myself, my desire to help and serve others has grown. The deepest desire of my heart is to help others find healing, peace, and joy through the guidance of Spirit. 

Almost three years after receiving the name, I now know this was the name of the business I was meant to create. This is how A Spiritually Guided Life was born.

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