The Phoenix

It’s interesting how Spirit works. How lessons slip in between mundane tasks and everyday life. I’m going to share with you how spirit has changed my perspective on the Phoenix and the phrase, “Still I Rise.”

One morning, back in November, I was getting ready for work, blow drying my hair. Suddenly I hear, “The Phoenix doesn’t rise from the ashes because it’s been broken. It rises from the ashes because it has the courage to start again.”

About a year and a half ago I got a drawing of a Phoenix, with the phrase, Still I Rise inscribed on one of the tail feathers. I had just come through a major trauma in my life and this was my symbol, my reminder, that no matter what tried to knock me down, I would fight, I would overcome, I would conquer, still I would rise. 

When I heard this phrase about the Phoenix, I wrote it down in a journal app on my phone. I could feel that there was more to it, but I had to get about my day.

The next day, my family and I went to see the new movie, “Maleficent Mistress Of Evil.” If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it and I apologize for the spoilers I’m about to give you. A brief summary. Maleficent is meeting the future family of the human daughter she raised as her own, Aurora. Maleficent is betrayed by the queen and is accused of cursing the king. Aurora, who loves Maleficent like a mother, was herself unsure of what to believe. Feeling betrayed, abandoned, and hunted by the queens soldiers, Maleficent fled. As she was escaping, she was shot down and fell into the depths of the ocean. Maleficent was rescued by a being that looked a lot like her. This is where we learn that Maleficent is a dark fae. She is also one of the last descendants of the Phoenix. In both of the Maleficent movies , she is portrayed as a strong and powerful fairy. Even amongst her own kind, she is a force to be reckoned with.

The actions of the queen ignited a war between the two realms. In this moment of pain, betrayal, and anguish, Maleficent wanted vengeance. The desire to fight, to overcome, to conquer, fueled her. It gave her strength. The elder of the dark fae, the one who pulled Maleficent from the ocean, implored her to go within, to remember who it is that she truly was. To use her incomparable power to bring peace. 


Fast forward to the great battle that is taking place. Aurora, with her back to the queen, is telling Maleficent how much she loves her. How sorry she was for all that has happened. In this moment the queen launches an arrow aimed right at Aurora. Maleficent sacrifices herself to save her daughter. Aurora grieves the loss of her mother, her tears land on the ashes of Maleficent’s remains. It is not anger, hatred, or the need for vengeance, but love that allows Maleficent to transform. 

As she sacrificed herself for someone she loved it was then  she was reborn. It was then that emerged a greater power from withing. It was her love that gave her indescribable strength. This is when Maleficent transformed into the Phoenix. 

We hear phrases of refiners fire, trial by fire, to rise up from the ashes. Implying that it it the fire that has come to break us. It is in the fire and the flames that allows us the death and removal of that which no longer serves. To allow us to rise up, to be reborn. To be transformed in love, and in alignment with your higher self, and your true Divine potential. Choose to let that flame fan the love in your heart.

We do not rise from our pain because we must be the warrior and in a constant state of battle. We rise because we have the courage to be transformed by it. Rise and be transformed and allow love to remind you who you truly are. 

Still I rise, not because I fight to overcome, but because love is stronger. It is in love that we stand fully in our divine power.

Still I rise, not to conquer the next battle, but to meet the light. To be transformed in the flames of love. 

For me, now the Phoenix is an emblem of the love of creation. Love is the energy in which we were created. The Phoenix if a reminder to return to love, to embrace love, to stand in our Divine birthright. Just as the Phoenix, love is eternal. 

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