My Spiritual Awakening Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of my spiritual awakening.

As I came to embrace these spiritual abilities that were waking up within me, I started to notice that my perspective was changing. What I once feared, I now sought out. I wanted to learn and understand how these gifts worked for me. Instead of hiding from spirit or closing off that connection, I was ready to embrace it. Every time I hear the song “Show Yourself” from the movie, “Frozen 2” I connect to the energy of the moments my perception shifted. 

"Every inch of me is trembling, but not from the cold. Something is familiar, like a dream I can reach but not quite hold. I can sense you there, like a friend I've always known. I'm arriving, and it feels like I am home."

In the beginning stages, everything felt so overwhelming, so new. At the same time it all felt so familiar. As I look back on my life I can now see all of the times spirit was communicating to me. I could see and hear things all of my life. I could feel different energies in a room as long as I can remember. I didn’t have a name for these things, so I would dismiss them. When I was afraid I would shut it down completely. These things sure didn’t appear like how they do on TV and in movies. I didn’t have a reference point for what I was experiencing. Yes, these spiritual abilities felt new and I was uncertain, yet at the same time it felt like a remembering of who I’ve always been. Uncovering those hidden truths that have been within me all along. 

"Show yourself. I'm dying to meet you. Show yourself. It's your turn. Are you the one I've been looking for all of my life? Show yourself. I'm ready to learn."

I sought to strengthen my connection and had such a desire to understand how these gifts worked for me. I’ve always had a heart for service and my greatest desire is to be able to help others. Hiding in the shadows, dismissing these experiences, was no longer an option. I was ready, and I wanted to learn.

"Show yourself. I'm no longer trembling. Here I am. I've come so far. You are the answer I've waited for all of my life. Oh, show yourself. Let me see who you are. Come to me now. Open your door. Don't make me wait one moment more."

I no longer hid from these experiences. I embraced them. I grew impatient, if I’m being honest, because I wanted to understand everything. I wanted to know how all of this worked. How do I help people? How do I use these spiritual experiences and abilities to bring healing to others? I asked more and more for spirit to be present in my life. I asked who my guides were and how they were working with me. I no longer wanted to wait for things to just happen, instead I was an active participant. 

"Come, my darling, homeward bound. I am found. Show yourself. Step into your power. Grow yourself into something new. You are the one you've been waiting for all of your life. Oh, show yourself"

Once I embraced these experiences and said yest to spirit, these abilities began to grow and expand. I was presented with opportunities to learn, mentors and teachers to help guide me. I have grown and stepped into who it is that I was always meant to be. My spiritual awakening was waking up to the knowledge that these gifts have always been apart of who I am. 


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