Free To Be Me

Have you ever had one of those pivotal moments in your life where you knew something was about to change? An "Ah-Ha" moment? A moment where the veil has been lifted from your eyes? Let me tell you about one such moment for me.

It was a regular Moday morning not too long ago. I was at my day job, entering grades or working on time sheets, or on some other task that I’ve done countless times. Just another typical day at the office. A coworker stopped by to say hello. We began chatting about the weekend and then they made the comment of how they don’t like being on the campus by themselves. How they had experienced some strange things and never really felt that they were alone. Without even a second thought the words began to pour out of my mouth. “The reason you don’t feel alone is because you aren’t. There are a few spirits that roam our campus.” I paused when I realized what I was saying. 

A handfull of my coworkers know what it is that I do, and about my spiritual business. Generally I keep this part of myself separate from my 9-5 job.

I looked at my coworker and told her that I was a medium, that I was an empath, and sensitive to energy. I told her all about how I’ve worked to clear some of the energy, and the spirits that visit there, from our campus. I explained how I have a “spirit coworker” named Claudia that helps me with this. 

As we got deeper into our conversation, I could feel the presence of spirit so strongly. This person sitting in the chair across from me was struggling, struggling to balance so many things that were happening in her life. So many big trials, one after another. The heaviness of her heart was palpable. “Tell her she is not alone,” I heard loudly in my ear. Soon I could feel her grandmother to the right of me. I could sense the weight and the importance of the messages so, I asked for permission to share what I was receiving. It was an honor to be witness to the healing and the peace that was felt there. I watched as her countenance changed and felt as her energy grew softer, lighter. There was so much love in that room that you could physically feel it.

Giving a reading to someone isn’t what was out of the ordinary. I’ve done that hundreds of times. What was different about this encounter was that I so freely and willingly shared, without even questioning it. Until recently I’ve kept who I am to the confines of my spiritual communities, my business pages, and with close family members. I have kept so much of myself hidden. As much as I love and believe in what I do there is still sometimes this deep down fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of people’s perceptions and the impact that can have on my relationships. Somehow it’s easier to be yourself and share the magic that is you, with people who you don’t interact with everyday. In this tender moment with a coworker in need, I didn’t even hesitate. 

On my way home that day I was going over the events of the morning. I could have easily kept quiet. I could have easily just carried on with the rest of my day. In that moment though, I just knew that I could be the conduit to provide some peace to a soul that was in desperate need of it. 

Somehow it's easier to be yourself and share the magic that is you, with people who you don't interact with everyday. Share of yourself anyway. Sometimes it's the people closest to you that are in the most need of what you have to offer.


Over these past several months I’ve begun sharing more of myself with those around me. I’ve noticed how I’m more comfortable in my skin, free to express, free to be who it is that I am. The more I step into this authentic version of myself the harder it’s becoming to keep this part of me hidden. 

At the end of May while getting ready for the day I heard in my ear, “Freedom can be found when you give yourself the permission to be who it is that you truly are.” I immediately wrote it on my bathroom mirror and it’s been there ever since.

Spirit used this moment to teach me. 

Freedom, real freedom, can be found when you share of yourself, of your heart, with others. This allows connection from one soul to another. When you show up as your authentic self you allow those around you to do the same. 

What spiritual abilites, what talents, what part of your story are you keeping hidden? Are you a budding artist? Do you sing? Maybe you’re a good listener and help problem solve? Are you a writer? Photographer? Energy Healer?

That part of you that you keep tucked away is the answer to someone else’s prayers. Your voice, your talents, your gifts are necessary. They are a blessing, that is just waiting to be delivered to someone who is desperately seeking what only you are able to give them. Now is the time to step out from behind that fear and share of your heart.

What spiritual abilities, what talents, what part of your story are you keeping hidden? That part of you that you keep tucked away may be the answer that someone else is praying for.

That ordinary day impacted the way I see myself and the interactions I have with others. I can no longer keep these parts of myself in separate containers. Part of living a spiritually guided life is taking the path that spirit leads you to.

So this is me, choosing freedom. Giving myself permission to be who it is that I truly am, and showing up as my authentic self in all spaces. 

I am free to be me.


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