The Becoming Is In The Doing

I was guided to share a meditation I had. This feels very vulnerable as I am uncomfortable sharing in this manner. However, when spirit speaks it's important to listen. The guidance that came through for me was profound and helped shift my perspective. Maybe, it will help you too.

Meditation 3/7/21

As I connect in, I’m standing at a stream. I’m told to step in the water and allow the current to carry away any energy that is no longer serving.

“What makes you feel fulfilled? What fills you up? How do you feel nurtured?”

“What steps are you taking?”
“What action plan do you have in place?”
“Abundance is your birthright but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do your part.”

Grandmother meets me as I walk in the stream. She takes my hand and says, “Come with me.”

We are at the doors to my Akashic records. We walk straight up the stairs and she sits me down at the white table. My council of guides are waiting.

I’m sitting on one side and my guides are all lined up seated opposite to me.

There are a bunch of papers on the table in front of me. Raphael steps forward and suddenly my business aura is floating in the middle of the table.

Raphael says to me, “You are currently here.” (I understand this to be at the beginning of my business.) “You are meant to be here.” The aura begins to expand and grows bigger and bigger. “Fully sustained. Fully supported.”

How do I get there? How do I trust? I feel so uncertain and am having a hard time trusting the process.

“You have been given a glimpse of what could be when someone else shared your ideas. Imagine how powerful it would be if you began sharing of yourself. It’s time to stop worrying about all of the fine details and wondering how, and just do. Just be that which you so long to be.”

“The becoming is in the doing.”

What are my next right steps to take?

“This is a limiting question.”

What creation is in alignment with me at this time?

“See isn’t that better? There is no right or wrong when it comes to how you are showing up to your calling. It’s about being willing and putting those things that call to you into action. We are gathered here today at your behest. We are here to support and guide you. You do not utilize this council as often as you should. It is for your benefit to not do it all on your own. You are completely supported by a loving God. A Father in Heaven who has the most confidence in you because you are His.”

“You have forgotten just how powerful and connected you are. You still doubt your abilities deep down. It’s time you are reminded.”

I stand up from the table and Raphael and I walk to the wall of windows that surround the room. I knew he was getting ready to show me moments where I was fully in my power, but instantly I’m emotional. I start to cry. He wraps me in his arms and just holds me for a time.

I just feel so heavy and I don’t know how I can do and be all of the things I’m being asked to do. Some days I feel like I’m drowning, barely existing. I’m not giving my best to any area of my life because I feel stretched so thin.

“We are not here to chastise you. We love you and can see your potential. Birthing pains are not comfortable. There is pain and shifting. Sweat and tears before the miracle of birth. This is your energetic labor.”

“What is it that brings YOU joy? What are you called to do or create just for the sake of creation? Not how it can make you money (yes we know this is important) not for how it can serve others, just for the pure joy of creating.”

“It’s time to begin to put the things down that are no longer serving you, this includes your job. The energy of where you are going is not a current match for where you are.”

How do I know when the right time to leave is? I’m concerned about finances. I feel unsteady.

“Evaluate what it is you think you need. Timing, money, structure, support. Turn it over to the Universe. Watch as your needs are met. Part of it is faith. Trusting in your path even if you don’t trust yet in yourself.”

With that, he lets go. I feel so much lighter. A peaceful smile crosses my face. I look back at the table. My higher self is now sitting in my seat. She is working with my council of guides. They are strategizing on my behalf.

“Call on her when you’re ready. She will have the answers for you. Ask for help before you’ve exhausted yourself.”

“A daily communion with spirit should be a high priority.”

Suddenly I’m back in my room at home.

As we work to accomplish our goals, manifest and call in the the life we want we must do our part. It requires action. Often we don’t feel ready or prepared to do the things that call to us. Take action anyway. Do something today that gets you one step closer to where you want to be. Call on your allies in spirit. They are there to help you. How are you showing up to your dreams today?


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