“I have had the privilege of experiencing a couple in person readings with Amy. My nana recently passed away in July (7/27/2020) and my dog that I had for about 11 years passed away on 10/11/2020. Both were a huge part of my life and I fell into a very dark place and realized that I was lost. Amy started out by mentioning that my dog was with my nana, and accurately described both of their personalities, and mannerisms. Right away, after hearing that I felt at ease. The details Amy provided were spot on and not only validated her gift but also everything I was and had been feeling. Amy gave me the ability to start the healing process and gave me comfort. I am no longer in the dark place that I was in, and I am slowly finding myself again! I cannot THANK YOU enough for this experience and for sharing your gift to bring others comfort and strength. I would and will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone and everyone looking for the services you provide! Once again, THANK YOU!” -Jennie Sevilla

“I lost my best friend a couple of years ago to suicide. Because of how unexpected it was, I blamed myself and bottled up a lot of guilt. Amy was able to reconnect me with my friend after almost five years. She was able to help me answer a lot of questions I had over the years. It felt like a big weight was lifted off my chest, and I could finally breathe again. Amy was very understanding of all the emotions I had, and she was able to translate how my friend was feeling. It was a very tender experience and I would highly recommend a reading to anyone. Amy is incredibly gifted and I truly believe that she should share it with anyone who is interested.”  – Raven H.

“Amy is absolutely Amazing, she definitely has an amazing gift! I lost my Nana April 21st 2020. I was hateful to everyone because she was gone, but Amy definitely helped me through it!! The details Amy provided were direct & spot on, not only did she validate her gift but also everything I was and had been feeling. Amy gave me the ability to start the healing, and gave me comfort in knowing my Nana was still and always will be with me! What Amy gave me with her reading was priceless & I could never show my appreciation enough for her. I recommend Amy to anyone & everyone!! She gave my heart peace and my soul comfort for that I will always be grateful 🙏 ♥️
Thank You!!” – Brandi L.

“Amy, has a beautiful gift that brings love and joy in her readings. She has been right on and has helped me in my spiritual needs.”
Martha B.

I had a mediumship reading with Amy about a month ago. It was a wonderful experience. She had very accurate descriptions and details of my grandfather who had stepped forward. I would have been very happy with just that alone, knowing he sees me. But what I didn’t expect is the beautiful way in which Amy was able to deliver a very special message to me, from my grandpa. It brought healing to my heart in a way that I didn’t even know I needed.

-Amanda H

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